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tg productsIt is my opinion that just as “no two clients are alike” or “have the same needs” that not just one hair care line can fulfill every clients needs.

This is why I carry a few of the best products from multiple hair care lines. A few of my favorite product lines are TIGI, (BED HEAD, CATWALK, and SFACTOR) KENRA, MATRIX, It’s a 10, AMERICAN CREW & REDKEN.

TIGI (From their site: TIGI)

Like salon owners, we understand that not all clients are the same. TIGI has the brands for all your client needs. Bed Head for the young and fearless, with an 'anything goes' hair styling attitude. Catwalk for a sophisticated woman living a fashion savvy lifestyle. S-factor for clients inspired by celebrity hair styles, smooth, shiny and glamorous. Or TIGI Hair Reborn for the most discerning client who desires the ultimate in luxurious hair care performance.

And if it’s colour you are after, our new TIGI copyright©olour range creates infinite possibilities. 100% intermixable. Every colourist stays inspired. Every client receives bespoke results. With TIGI Cosmetics designed by the makeup artists, we encourage people to have fun with their makeup, expressing different styles in every occasion.

Kenra (from their site Kenra)

For more than 50 years, Kenra has been formulating and producing hair care products using only the finest ingredients. Kenra is a privately held company, and we take great pride in our approach to doing business. While we are constantly moving our research and development into the future and working to discover innovative ingredients and results, our approach to doing business has not changed:

We provide personalized support to our customers, we treat every customer with the highest regard, we create and formulate high performance hair care products, and we execute programs for salons that build customer loyalty.

Matrix (from their site Matrix)

Founded in 1980 by the American hairdresser, Arnie Miller, Matrix services community salons with a diverse range of haircare, color, style, and texturing products as well as unique in-salon treatments and services that provide solutions for every hair type.

Matrix is committed to serving each and every community salon and empowering stylists to create positive change for their clients and the world around them. Through inspiration and innovation, Matrix supports every salon professional to achieve their dreams and IMAGINE ALL THEY CAN BE.

It's a 10 (from their site It's a 10)

Creating a custom hair care line was no small feat. When Carolyn Plummer and Scott Scharg decided to embark on that journey, they set a course to change the way hair care delivered results.

Over 20 years in the making, It’s a 10 has become the “go-to” product for salons and clients worldwide. This vision has revolutionized the approach to hair care by delivering results that people can see and experience – instantly.

For the creators, finding a product that could deliver everything in one bottle led to piecing together multiple products to get the full results they knew a customer would want. Both Carolyn and Scott envisioned a complete line of salon-quality, multipurpose products that would deliver salon-mirror results.

It took years of trials and testing to deliver a perfect product: one that truly rates a 10. To this day, the creators play a direct role in the research and development of the line. They continue to drive the creativity and quality through a hands-on approach of each refinement to the It’s a 10 product line. Through personal dedication, Carolyn and Scott bring simplicity and refinement into salons and homes around the world.

In addition, I want clients to be able to afford the best products for their hair. That is why I offer the most competitive pricing on my retail lines.


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