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To Bang Or Not To Bang?

on Thursday, 18 February 2016.

So many factors come into play when determining if one should wear bangs or grow them out. What is currently trending for hairstyles is certainly one factor however, a few more factors certainly come into play...


Short Forehead- Whether you have a "short-forehead" or not? If you happen to have a short forehead bangs are sometimes not the best option.

Hair Texture- Wavy and Curly hair tends to be harder to control if deciding to wear a bang. People tend to "fight" more with their bangs especially in humid weather.

Face Shape- Many face shapes benefit from a "true bang" or a longer "side swept bang". A side swept bang can certainly add some interest around an oval or oblong shaped face. 

Many factors come into play and it seems in always searching for something "a little different" clients tend to change up their bang a lot. Whether adding a bang, a side swept bang, or growing their bang area out completely. It seems to be the one area clients enjoy changing. Some wear bangs ONLY to cover wrinkles on their forehead, while others make me promise not to cut their bangs until they grow out...regardless of how much they beg me! LOL 

In summary... bangs are not for everyone but can certainly compliment certain hairstyles, hair textures and face shapes.



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